Six Things I’ve Learned In Six Years Of Marriage

I read this and had to share it. I’ve been married longer than 6 years and have learned a lot… maybe I will put together a list one day.

Lachlan + Cathy

Last week we celebrated six years of marriage.

To mark the occasion we headed out of town for a few days, during which I took some antibiotics which rendered me more or less dysfunctional for the entire time.

Yeah, we know how to party.

But now that I am in my right mind again, I though I’d take inspiration from an article I read earlier this year and share six things I’ve learned in six years of marriage.

1. Living the prescribed life sucks.
The prescribed life — school, college, work, marriage, mortgage, baby — is, if I’m to be quite honest with you, a shade boring.

My advice instead? Take some risks while you’re still young. Be spontaneous. Do the opposite of what you’ve been told. Pack up everything and move to a new place. We did just that and can assure you that whatever challenges you face along…

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Wife, Mommy, Young-Adult Fantasy Author, Artist, Actress, Director... I'm only as old as I feel and I try to see the good in everyone, but some days that's a struggle.
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