Help… I Need A Tagline!

OK, for the last few years I have been writing this blog under the appropriate tagline of:

Follow my journey as I write, edit, and publish my first Young Adult series

Although that was great (because I was in fact writing, editing, and publishing my first YA series) it no longer applies. My first series (The Blood Angel Series) has been published (Check it out here) and now I am working on a whole new series. So, I am in need of a new tagline – something that speaks to me, my writing style, and my books.

Please HELP by completing the poll below!


About Nina Soden

Wife, Mommy, Young-Adult Fantasy Author, Artist, Actress, Director... I'm only as old as I feel and I try to see the good in everyone, but some days that's a struggle.
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3 Responses to Help… I Need A Tagline!

  1. I think that sidebars and pages are taglines in themselves, so just a name is cool for me. 🙂

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  2. I think “Bringing the Supernatural to Life” has such a nice ring to it…every author needs a good brand.

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  3. thewritecopy says:

    Nina – an approach that your target market will like:

    ‘Scarily sensational supernatural stories
    Steve Bridger 750 group

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