Author Interviews!

As an author I think authors should support each other. I just started including author interviews on my site and hope to build this list for your enjoyment because author Interviews are a great way to learn about new and up and coming authors! Check out some of these amazing indie and traditionally published authors and you just might find your next reading obsession.

If you are an author interested in having an interview on my site please click here!


A – E

Garry Abbott

Jimi Akanbi

Vicki Batman

Kristan Cannon

Levi Cheruo

Cynthia Christakis

Samantha Crystal (aka Doris Jones)

Shayla Eaton

Kenneth Eade

Justine Johnston Hemmestad

F – J

Alene Geed

Tim Girard

Alex Hinkley

Justine Johnston Hemmestad

Doris Jones (aka Samantha Crystal)


K – O

Karina Kantas

Todd Douglas Keister

Arlene Lagos

Marie Lavender

Jonas Lee

Jonas Lee

Mr. M

Essence Mason

Ashlee North

Walter “Bud” ONeill

P – T

Nicholas Rossis

Michael J. Sahno

Joyce Shaughnessy

Nina Soden – via Writing in the Modern Age

Nina Soden – via BookBunnyPR

Nina Soden – Video/Audio Interview

Nina Soden – August 2014 Author Blog Tour

Janice Spina

Lorene Stunson Hill

Toinette Thomas

U – Z

Wendy VanHatten

A P von K’Ory 

Brian Wilson

Visit often as this list will grow in the coming months.


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