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Behind Locked Doors: No Man Left Behind

The sky was dark… The water was cold… They were fully submerged near the end of the dock waiting for the right moment to make their attack. In silent mode he gave his orders through hand movements and signals they … Continue reading

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Behind Locked Doors: Corpses Fed Off Of Corpses!

http://w8themes.com/zombie-wallpapers/ His unit stood there at attention as the Captain explained their next mission. Expressionless… Fearless… Determined… Brave… He knew that this fight was worth the losses they might have. For one life, to save thousands was acceptable. His life … Continue reading

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Dear Grandpa,

I always regretted that I was so far away when you passed. I never got to say goodbye, and still today that hurts. I wish I had visited more when I had the chance. I wish I had called, just … Continue reading

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